Art History in Digital Dimensions: New Directions for the Field (CAA 2017)

Time: Wednesday, February 15, 12:15-1:15 PM

Place: Madison Suite, New York Hilton Hotel

Co-Chairs: Anne Collins Goodyear (Bowdoin College) and Paul B. Jaskot (DePaul University)

Speakers and Discussants: Samantha Deutch (The Frick Collection and Frick Art Reference Library); Meredith J. Gill (University of Maryland); Ellen Prokop (The Frick Collection and Frick Art Reference Library)

This session has two aims: to disseminate the findings of the successful convening, Art History in Digital Dimensions(University of Maryland, College Park, 19-21 October, 2016), and to engage broad discussion among participants and this session’s attendees about next steps.

Art History in Digital Dimensions (http://dah-dimensions.org/) was the result of a multi-year partnership between the Department of Art History and Archaeology and the Maryland Institute for Technology in the Humanities (MITH) at the University of Maryland.  Sponsored by the Samuel H. Kress Foundation and the Getty Foundation, the meeting brought together participants from academia and the museum sphere, as well as from the realms of information science, funding, publishing, and conservation.  This international, multigenerational gathering articulated both the challenges and benefits that digitally-inflected, data-driven practices offer our disciplines, and it also established a blue print for the future.  This session makes available the outlines of the white paper underway, and invites collective brainstorming about further initiatives looking ahead.

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